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Wireless charger speaker

Wireless charger speaker

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Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speakers Features:

  1. Stress and Emotion Release with Music:

    • Let life return to the truth, enjoy freedom, and find balance through the power of music.
  2. Family Music Space:

    • Encounter your favorite music unexpectedly, where all moods find resonance in the world of music.
  3. Over-Voltage Protection:

    • Ensures safe charging and discharging.
    • High-voltage input in fast charging mode.
    • Automatically stops working in unstable or high voltage conditions to protect devices.
  4. Stereo Dual Speakers:

    • Delivers a live and immersive audio experience.
    • Independent cavity for restoring the essence of music.
    • High-end accessories and configuration for full-frequency internal magnetic sound.
  5. Dual-Core Chip Safe Charging:

    • Sensitive response and recognition.
    • Supports fast charging devices.
    • Automatically accesses wireless fast charging mode.
  6. Tweeter:

    • Independent cavity that restores the essence of music.
    • High-end accessories and configuration for a full-frequency internal magnetic sound.
  7. Slow Down and Enjoy Music:

    • Meet your favorite music and take a break from the fast-paced city life.

This wireless charging Bluetooth speaker offers a perfect blend of functionality, safety features, and high-quality audio to enhance your music listening experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Input Parameters: 12V
  • Output Parameter: 5V
  • Type: Wireless Charger
  • Charging Current: 1000mA
  • Indication Function: With indication function
  • Interface: USB
  • Color Options: Khaki, Dark Brown


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