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Request a Repair


Terms and Conditions for Mail-In Repair with GadgetCare Pros

By opting for mail-in repair with GadgetCare Pros, you agree to the following terms:


  • All devices shipped for repair are at the customer's risk; GadgetCare Pros is not liable for loss, damage, or theft during shipping.
  • Customers are responsible for securely packaging the device, using recommended materials.
  • We offer prepaid shipping labels on some repairs. You will be notified once you request your repair or read the descriptions of the repair service you're requesting.


  • It is advised to use a shipping method with tracking for confirmation; GadgetCare Pros is not responsible for delays or non-delivery.
  • When the repair is completed and approved, we will update a new tracking number to ship your repaired device back to you.
  • We will use the packaging you provided for the initial shipment.
  • GadgetCare Pros covers the cost of shipping for the repaired device only if the repair was completed and approved.

Condition Assessment

  • GadgetCare Pros will assess the device's condition upon arrival.
  • Pre-existing damage will be reported to the customer before the repair process begins.

Repair Process


  • Once GadgetCare Pros receives your device allow us 24 hours to diagnose or assess your repair.

  • GadgetCare Pros will then notify you with a final quote for repair and await your approval and payment.
  • No repair commences until the customer approves the total repair cost and pays in full.

Cancellation of Repair


  • A repair cannot be cancelled once shipped to us. (No Exceptions)
  • Once we receive the device, we will confirm its receipt and commence diagnostics.
  • Cancelled or unapproved repairs will incur a diagnostic fee ($25-$49) and a return shipping fee ($25)

Data and Warranty

  • Customers should back up data before shipping; GadgetCare Pros is not responsible for data loss.
  • GadgetCare Pros offers a limited one-year warranty on the specific repair conducted. This warranty covers the specific repair conducted and does not extend to unrelated issues or subsequent damage.
  • For peace of mind, we also offer a data backup service. Please contact us for pricing details.

      Acceptance: By mailing in my device for repair with GadgetCare Pros, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agreed to these terms. Terms subject to change; customers should review before proceeding.


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